SEO Services Buying Guide

SEO practices differ and the strategies SEO Experts and agencies use are specific to the website. Therefore, there’s no global SEO service or a method to compare with. It depends on a lot of factors like competition, your website’s nature and aims, specific milestones and targets, etc.

When you buy an SEO service specifically for your website, you need to take care of many things to not get scammed and also to make sure the service can fulfil your aims.

This SEO services buying guide will troubleshoot all doubts in your head.


1. Beware of hasty promises
SEO is not the perfect solution for ranking higher. Any SEO agency or firm that makes a promise like “No matter what your content, we’ll get your ranking higher” shall be blacklisted instantly.

They might be wanting to use shady practices to give you a temporary ranking boost or might be just scammers. Content decides your ranking, and without analyzing the content no promises or guarantees can be made about how much boost a firm can give.


2. SEO is not a one-time job
SEO is long-term and asks for constant maintenance. Once pushed to good rankings, you shouldn’t rest assured of never dropping. New websites are created like a flash. Do you know that an estimated 571 new websites are created per minute, more than twice the number of babies born?

There’s always someone to overcome you. Therefore, https://dev.to/geoffreydonahue/top-reasons-why-should-you-hire-seo-company-for-your-business-28el is a constant battle your service provider must fight. Also, many promising SEO techniques are actually long term.

If an SEO agency promises results with a one-time service of, say, 1 month – then you should know that there are much better options available. Link building gives results after one or two months’ hard work itself.


3. Goals and stats shall be aligned
Some SEO services like tricking you into belief. Many SEO agencies give you fake metrics like a slice of organic traffic stats. This slice, you’ll know if you inspect closely, targets a very specific domain of keywords – keywords that might not be competitive or useful at all. Always look out for such tricking stats.

For example, if you sell ebooks on your website and the SEO service you’re on is telling success stories like “organic traffic on pages mentioning ‘books’ increased by 150%” – you should be moving your service soon.

Your actual goal is to sell ebooks – remember that. Your stats shall reflect a growth in ebook sales nothing else. Only that will mean SEO is working. Your sales goals, exposure goals and sharing goals, subscription goals, lead generation goals, etc. – these are the real metrics and SEO enhances them. So, always ask to receive stats relating to your goals.


4. Aggressive SEO means penalty
There are certain shady practices that can be called aggressive SEO and can result in downvoting of your domain in search results or a ban from Google altogether. Always make sure the SEO service doesn’t leverage extreme link building, which will more often than not mean buying cheap links from directory websites. There are other black hat techniques to boost SEO, like keyword stuffing (too much frequency of keyword usage), using laser-focused anchor text on your prime keyword(s), etc.

Adhering to Google’s Webmaster guidelines is important, and your SEO agency shouldn’t step beyond it or it’ll mean penalty.


5. Other points

  • The company must respect, understand, and be similar to your style and the bigger picture you have. Always make it clear to them.
  • Get your service provider’s claims proven. Check reviews and testimonies. Ask them how can they prove their credibility.
  • Check if automatic link building software are used. If yes, then you’re wasting your money.
  • Ask directly about the team or person who will work on the website. Talk to those people personally if possible.

Written by Marvin Pipes who specializes in providing professional search engine optimization services to reputed clients. Her work has been widely appreciated, and although she has a small number of clients, that’s because she picks only those websites to work on which promise a good learning scope. To know more about her work, visit:






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