Tips That Help Make Your Blog SEO Friendly

Blogs are important. Whether personal or company blogs – they have the power to influence others with that personal touch they have. 81% of US customers trust information and advice from blogs online.

  • Company blogs inspire clientele and bring up prospects.
  • Personal blogs give exposure to ideas and go into making you a celebrated personality.

However, as if blogging itself being a bit tough wasn’t enough – acquiring what you want from blogs is tough as well. Good blog exposure cannot be easily achieved without search engine optimization.

Enter SEO. Here we’re giving you 5 tips that will help make your blog SEO friendly and boost your content ahead of competitors’.


1. The Kingship
As they famously say, “content is king.” So if your content is low-quality, spun, plagiarized, or simply crappy without any original, unique content–it’s going to be too hard to have high ranks in Google. Simple as that.

Write long. Write with your heart. And make your promises clear early on without stalling the reader for 5 minutes just to figure out what the hell are you even talking about. Make what you’re going to give them in the end, or the problem you’re going to solve clear early on.


2. Keywords
Keywords are nice. Keyword stuffing is bad.

  • Don’t stuff your blog posts with your keywords. Minimum 2-3 times, and the maximum depends upon the length of the post.
  • Keyword shall be present as the first word of blog posts, titles, in the URLs, and in at least one of the subheadings within your article.
  • Make sure your beginning and concluding paragraphs have the keywords.

3. Anchoring
The <a> tag is a beast. Use linking whenever possible. Link to your own content internally to have a well-nested website. Link to similar content on the side regions. It also helps in indexing by search engines.

Also link to as many external sources as possible. Being communicative is great art. Linking externally helps with your website’s usability by completing the user’s information cycle. Google loves that, as its sole purpose is to satisfy its user.

But beware, whether it’s receiving backlinks or giving out links – the quality of the website in question shall be good. Don’t link to spam websites, no matter what happens.

Paid links or links from websites not following Google’s rules are bad. Remove them constantly using Google’s Disavow.  Check your dead links as well. Use Dead Link Checker.


4. Technical considerations
     SEO friendly blogging doesn’t come without technicalities.

  • Make sure your blog is mobile-friendly.
  • Broadening your reach is important for SEO. Subscribing to your blog and sharing content to social sites should be as easy and discoverable as possible without looking spammy.
  • URL structure shall follow a hierarchy to increase usability. A common one is site.com/category/article-name. URLs like site.com/page=182215 are terrible for SEO.
  • There’s no reason to not use <h1> for headings and <h2> for subheadings.
  • Make sure your files uploaded are properly optimized for the Web.
  • Don’t spam your blog with ads. Keep them reasonably numbered. Look from the point-of-view of a reader and you’ll know.
  • Images shall have relevant alt text appended to them.
  • Most SEO experts believe optimizing the meta description (search page snippets) is important. Although it can pose problems in some cases, still meta descriptions should be customized and must include the queries you want to rank for.

5. Go advanced
There are many advanced tips that will help make your blog SEO friendly a lot, but these are specific.

  • If you’re using WordPress, you can use the Yoast SEO plugin that has a lot of powerful options to optimize your blog content Leverage it to the full extent if you’re running a corporate-nature blog. If not, then use some bits of it. Anyhow, use Yoast only if you have beginner information about SEO.

Authored by Frank Cullens. Frank is a renowned SEO expert who has a huge clientele and work experience. He focuses on establishing the authority and brand value of a website instead of applying shady black hat tricks to get your website ranking higher for a short while.


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